Yum Yum Hunan

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Est. delivery time 45 - 60 mins.

Yum Yum Hunan serves up some of the best Chinese for delivery and takeout in all of San Francisco. Delivery is fast and ordering is easy, so order now and get fresh food delivered to your door in no time.
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  • By Eric S on August 1, 2017
    This was our first order form Yum Yum Hunan. The food arrived hot and fresh in about 35 minutes. We did not order anything hot or spicy. The Buddha's Delight was an all vegetable dish in garlic sauce, but we did not taste much garlic. The Yum Yum Delicatessen (unusual name) comes in a house special sauce, but there wasn't much sauce and it was somewhat bland. The chicken was cut up into tender and even small strips and the whole dish presented nicely. Unlike most Chinese restaurants, neither dish included any broccoli or bok choy. Instead there was baby corn, zucchini, carrots, celery, water chestnuts, and peas. The Buddha's Delight contained three different kinds of mushrooms - all very tasty. One reviewer here mentioned that the food did not 'smell like Chinese' and I think it is because there is no apparent soy sauce used and very little oil. The sauces are not thick or greasy, but light and fresh. The vegetables were cooked California style, still crunchy. The portion sizes were oversized which compensates for the somewhat higher prices, and came in plastic trays rather than typical paper cartons. The pork fried rice was a well balanced mix of tender roast pork, egg, peas and carrots and seemed more like the NY Cantonese style I grew up with. My wife was happy with everything. We will order from them again soon and try something more Hunan hot and spicy.
  • By Nicolle W on January 7, 2017
    SO good!!! On time and delicious
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1828 Divisadero St

San Francisco, CA 94115

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